Seven Steps for Success in 2019

Sophie Wade
4 min readJan 1, 2019

2019 will be a year when things get focused. Concern turns to action. Attention turns to effort. Rubber meets the road.

1. Digital Deadline: Digital Transformation is in progress or your time is running out. This year, investments in time, effort and energy are paramount to integrate technologies that update — and potentially significantly disrupt — your company’s business model, revenue stream(s), customer intelligence gathering, employee engagement efforts and workforce connectivity and support. Without this, growth is unlikely and survival questionable. What technologies? That depends on your business, operations, locations, customer segments, talent pool and more. Considerations range from artificial intelligence, data gathering, cloud applications, enabling platforms and tools to employee training and customizable benefits delivery.

2. Skills’ Stock: What is the skills’ inventory of your organization? What about your own team? What are your top three skills? Without a good understanding of the skills at your disposal, how can you work out what you should be doing and whom to task with what and where? In the past, we have been defined by our job titles not our skills, but now job needs are evolving as are the skills required to get them done effectively. It’s time to understand and track each person’s specific talents — hard and soft skills — and then be able to find and assign workers appropriately.

3. Freelancer Forces: Right now, the people best-equipped for the new work environment are independent workers, not your employees or colleagues. Non-employees are keenly aware of the need to stay competitive — in terms of identifying and augmenting their skills and learning how, when and where they work best. They are also living and learning the new career dynamics, developing multiple income streams not relying on singular job security, wherever possible. Numbers are swelling as more people chose independent contracting and consulting projects. Millions are choosing to create an integrated working life with the flexibility they want. Millions more are unable to work with conventional fixed schedules and locations. How will your company be utilizing qualified non-employees as part of its total available talent pool?

Sophie Wade

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